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Nov 21, 2012 8:00am PST
and humanitarian law. >> children are showing signs of severe distress including an inability to sleep, being afraid to go out in public, clinging to parents, bedwetting, nightmares, and withdrawal. the children are surrounded by images of death and destruction. there are constant funerals going on in the streets. there's a lot of chaos and panic. >> we will have more on gaza after headlines. syrian warplanes are continuing to bomb a suburb of the capital damascus for a second day in a bid to strike rebel-held areas. opposition activists say syrian government attacks have killed at least 23 people since monday. new figures show greenhouse gas emissions have reached an all- time high. on tuesday, the united nations said global emissions broke all previous records in 2011. unveiling an annual report on emissions, michel jarraud of the world year-old school organization warned the increase will likely assure a global temperature rise of more than two degrees celsius. >> the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere once again has reached a record level. the current concentration of the greenh
Nov 28, 2012 3:00pm PST
expression. ( drumbeats ) taxation without representation: copley's father-in-law, an english merchant, was importing tea to america. copley felt he could not speak out against his family, nor could he defend them. seeking his artistic heritage, he sailed for europe. it wasn't long before he became part of that heritage, a forerunner in the great romantic movement. still, the longer his self-imposed exile in england, the greater his loneliness. his children were his models. the commissions continued. but his greatest masterpieces were painted while memory and imagination were fresh. ( drumbeats, lively trumpet notes ) in his isolation in england, copley worked harder to be america's first great painter. "poor america," he wrote, "yet certain i am she will finally emerge from her present calamity and become a mighty empire. and it is a pleasing reflection that i shall stand amongst the first of the artists that shall have led the country to the knowledge and cultivation of the fine arts." narrator: ...yet george catlin had a grander dream: he was an artist in search of a cause. ( native
Nov 28, 2012 8:00am PST
square law, twice as far away, 1/4 the effect, okay? so as these things get further and further away, the electrical force kind of peters down. but the strong interaction really, really peters down. and that means you can't really have a very big atomic nucleus. and here's why. let's suppose you have a big nucleus as this big. you got a proton over here and protons over here, they're so far apart. the nuclear interaction between these two is almost trivial. but between these two of the electric compulsion is not trivial. and so what happens? very, very large nucleus, just by virtue of the spreading apart, are unstable nuclei and that's beyond 83, atomic number 83. every atomic nucleus above atomic number 83 is unstable. and in that environment, you have then the ejection of alpha, beta and gamma particles. so it's almost simple geometry. right now, this particle we'd call an alpha particle. this is a helium nucleus. and i'll write that helium nucleus like this. and i'll put a two down here and a four here. and this nomenclature, i hope you're familiar with. this is simply the atomic
Nov 26, 2012 8:00am PST
special services as well. states are obligated by law, in most cases, to provide that help. provision of these services varies from community to community. sometimes the physical therapist, the speech therapist, or the hearing therapist visits and works in the classroom, or sometimes, the child works separately with them. however help is provided, teacher and specialist need to draw on one another's strengths and information to do their very best. woman: very good! take it out! put it on the circle! yeah! when including a child with a disability in a group, we may feel uncomfortable about hw little we know concerning the child's special condition. that's why we need access to specialists, but we also have a valuable contribution to make: that is, to treat the child like the other children as much as possible while at the same time using common sense about what's reasonable to expect. all children have a lot in common, no matter what their disability. they need affection, reasonable expectations, the opportunity to play, to experience as much physal exercise as possible, and the opport
Nov 27, 2012 3:00pm PST
a few things in order to stay competitive. >> father-in-law back in the sixties had a fairly typical orchard for this area, where he would have a number of varieties to go through the season and he would pack them, and they would get marketed with others doing the same thing. as the market changed, we had a choice to make: either get bigger or find a niche market. >> in addition to changing the fruit they grow, the loewens also strived to change the way they grew their fruit. long before the days of organic and in a time when farmland around them was rapidly disappearing, the loewens, along with some local farmers, came up with a set of growing guidelines called "california clean," which later became the catalyst for them going 100% organic. >> taking care of the land--the idea is to do something that can be done forever. >> and today through meticulous maintenance of the land and careful planning, the family can now offer an assortment of unique varieties that ripen at different times, offerin customers a variety of sweet, exotic colors and fruits throughout the year. in addition, t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)